December 23, 2008

Big hug welcomes Muldoon to Badger family

With Charlie Partridge and Joe Rudolph paying a visit to Ohio last Friday, three-star defensive lineman Pat Muldoon was able to tell both assistant coaches in person that he wanted to be a Wisconsin Badger.

The following is a question and answer with the 6-foot-4, 248-pound athlete from Cincinnati St. Xavier:

You had around 30 scholarship offers during this whole process and eventually you got down to three, what made Wisconsin the last school standing at the end?

Muldoon: From that list, I probably visited around 20 schools and I took all five official visits, so it was my second time seeing all those schools that I was still considering at the end. In the end, I just felt the most at home with Wisconsin. Everything there just felt good for me on the field and in the classroom.

You took your official visit during the Ohio State game, what was it like to watch them play a school from your area and what was the atmosphere like that night?

Muldoon: The atmosphere was crazy and the students were so intense. The Jump Around and everything, I just really wanted to play in an atmosphere like that. That whole weekend was really great and it gave me a chance to see everything Wisconsin has to offer.

This has been a really long process for you, but how good does it feel to have your decision made?

Muldoon: It just feels great and now I can just focus on getting ready to play at the next level. I can focus all my attention on becoming a Badger now that I know where I'm going to be playing. It's a real big relief and it's nice to do it before the holidays and stuff. Just a big weight off my shoulders, I guess you could say.

Can you talk about your relationship with coach Joe Rudolph and how that's developed?

Muldoon: I really like Coach Rudolph and he's been recruiting me since day one. He's been to my house two or three times and I've just really gotten to know him. I've met his family and everyone, and he's really just a genuine guy and a big reason why I liked Wisconsin so much.

He's (Rudolph) been doing a pretty good job in the Ohio area, have you been able to talk with the other Badger verbals out there like Jeff Duckworth, Chris Borland and Brian Wozniak?

Muldoon Yeah, I've talked to those guys all multiple times. They've all been telling me stuff about Wisconsin and I really like all of them. I've also been talking with Jordan Kohout and Conor O'Neill, so I've been talking to all those guys and I really like them all.

Could you talk about your position coach, Charlie Partridge? I know he was big in your recruitment, as well.

Muldoon: I really like him, too. He's come to my house a couple times and he's been telling me the same thing through and through. They want me to play strong-side defensive end. They said my weight and stuff is fine where it's at, but that's where they want me.

You always mentioned academics and you carried a great GPA, do you know what you want to study at Wisconsin?

Muldoon: I really like that they have an exercise science program, so that was pretty big for me. I'm also interested in business, so I think it's between those two right now. Either way I have some great options for myself.

You'll now get a chance to play in the Big Ten, did getting a shot at Ohio State every year factor into your decision at all?

Muldoon: I don't think it played a role but it will be an added bonus. My whole family is from Ohio State, pretty much, so I have family members telling me they'll still route for the Buckeyes, but that's going to be fun for all of us.

What was the coaches reaction when you broke the news?

Muldoon: On Friday, Coach Rudolph and Coach Partridge came up, and I think Coach (Dave) Doeren was supposed to be there but he got snowed in. They sat down with me during the day and they talked with me for a while. They watched me lift and then my parents came and we all talked. Then Coach Partridge asked me when I was going to decide, and I told him that I had already made my decision. He was like, "Oh yeah," and I said, "Yeah, I'm going to Wisconsin." He just gave me a big hug and said that he was real excited, him and Coach Rudolph.

We have you listed at 6-foot-4 and 250 pounds, is that fairly accurate?

Muldoon: Yeah, I'm around 248 right now, so that's pretty close.

Closing up, do you have any goals or expectations right away?

Muldoon: I'd love to play as a freshman, but I'm just going to work hard and do my best. I'll give 100 percent every play and I'll work hard to get better. I'm happy to be a Badger.

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