November 20, 2008

Scout teams go at it

It was a fun practice due the fact that the scout teams scrimmaged against each other much to the delight of the team. The team was very boisterous while watching the younger players go at it.

UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel was pleased with his youngsters and apparently pleased with how practice has been conducted by his team during the bye week as they get ready for another do or die game against ASU.

Neuheisel as always talked to the press after practice.

Neuheisel: "Good practice, it is always fun when you get the youngsters to play against each other at the end of practice. Everybody gets into that and there were some good individual efforts. I will have to wait to look at the film to evaluate it but I like the way things have gone this week and hopefully we will get one great practice tomorrow and a great one on Saturday morning and feel good about our preparation for ASU."

What was that the two scout teams?

Neuheisel: "Basically, yeah…"

Is that something you do because of the bye week?

Neuheisel: "Bye week, and because it is late in the year, it is a little bit dangerous early in the year, you don't want to lose anybody, but as you get closer to the end of the season then you can take the risk."

Who have been some of the scout team heroes this season?

Neuheisel: "Well it was fun to watch Milton Knox and Johnathan Franklin both make runs there. I think that Conor Bradford has shown that he's going to be a good player on the offensive line. Kevin Prince has come on as a quarterback in that deal and Jerry Johnson as wide receiver.

"Defensively, Damien Holmes, I think E.J. Woods has done a good job. Andrew Abbott has been impressive, Donovan Carter and I think Patrick Larimore who wasn't here today, Larimore is taking a math placement test, but he's been a good and a pretty impressive kid.

"We have a nice group of guys on both sides of the ball and it is fun to watch then compete."

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