October 31, 2008

Brooks talking Mississippi State

Kentucky coach Rich Brooks knows what Saturday's game means.
Not only will a win over Mississippi State propel is Wildcats into a bowl but it will also help erase an embarrassing 63-5 loss to Florida last week from their minds.

"Obviously this is as big a game for us as it for Mississippi State," Brooks said. "Both of us are coming off bowl wins a year ago and we want to get back to postseason play. As the season goes into the later stages here, each win is critically important and each loss takes you further away from your goal. So this is a big, big football game and I believe we are catching Mississippi State at a time where they are really starting to put things together. They played one of their better offensive games last week."

Brooks thinks the Bulldogs increased production offensively has come from the offensive line that is starting to gel.

"I think they are doing a very good job," Brooks said. "I know they are playing some new people at tackle. They are doing a very good job of physically running the football. They moved the ball very well against LSU. They moved it against Tennessee; they just broke down in scoring territory. Their quarterback, (Tyson) Lee, is a real scrambler so they are moving the pocket more it seems. The protection point is moving all over the place and he can run and hurt you with his feet. I think the more mobile quarterback has probably helped them as well in the offensive line and they are running the football as good as anybody in the league right now except for Georgia."

Brooks pointed to the battle in the trenches between his defensive line and the Bulldogs offensive front as the key to winning Saturday's game.

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