October 29, 2008

Video: 'Protect the troops first'

EAST LANSING - On Sunday night, Detroit News columnist Rob Parker named back-up quarterback Kirk Cousins by name as being involved in a fight at a house part that sent hockey player A.J. Sturges to the hospital.

During the WDIV broadcast, Parker said

"A lot of names being mentioned, but the one name being thrown out there big time is backup QB Kirk Cousins....and uh... he was a part of the big thing that happened".

On Tuesday, Mark Dantonio blasted the Detroit News columnist during his press conference.

"I have 105 players on our football team; 105, that's more people than is in this room. I have a little focus every day that I talk about in certain points in time. Our focus today is from General Patton. I like quoting Patton.

"One of them is: Protect the troops first. I will say that again; protect the troops first. I am always going to protect our team. I am not going to throw people under the bus. I am not going to put things out there when things have not been substantiated. And I think that's the fair thing to do.

"I think what's not fair to do is to do what Rob Parker - if you want a story, call him - from The Detroit News did. I don't think I need to spell that name. He went on TV the other day, WDIV TV, on Sunday out of Detroit and he made reference to Kirk Cousins being at the heart of this whole matter, which is totally inaccurate. I take offense to that and his family takes offense to that. He was with his family all night, Saturday night and I think this borders on slander.

"If you are going to say something, you had better get it right. That's number one. Number two, this program takes offense that The Oakland Press is singling out three people who were not dressing; incidentally Ethan Ruhland had surgery. Again, it borders on slander. And what you've got is five million people reading something out of Detroit, or in an entire state picking up on things that are not correct

"So here is a young man who does everything right. And he is thrown under the bus by somebody who has no credibility in my mind.

"In regards to your question, I will say what I've said before; Nothing has been substantiated. We discipline internally and when things come to a head and people make charges and those type of things and police are involved, that's when I will talk about things and give names. But until then I will protect our football team and I think that's the way you would want your family protected, or your children or your brothers.

"If you want a story I guess you can find those other people and talk to them."

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