October 21, 2008

Q&A and Warchant TV: Fisher's Weekly PC

Warchant TV: Jimbo Fisher's Monday press conference with the media

Transcript of Jimbo Fisher's Monday press conference with the media:

Q: What has it been like to watch Christian Ponder progress from this game last year to this point?

Well, when we played against Virginia Tech last year you didn't really know what you had. You knew he had potential and you felt real good about his instincts and ability. You watched him grow as a person. You watched his competitiveness grow. You watched his knowledge of what he is doing grow. It is fun to watch young players get better and better. We say he still has miles yet to go. His attitude is great. He is a guy who is fun to coach because he learns from his mistakes. He understands and grasps more and more about what is going on and he is a great competitor. He is a tough guy and he does a great job.

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