October 5, 2008

Series by series: UW offense against OSU

MADISON, Wis. - Everyone knew the first three contests of UW's Big Ten schedule would be very difficult. With that said, the Badgers could just as easily be 5-0 as they are 3-2 if they were able to close out ball games. Saturday night, the Badgers let Ohio State score with just over a minute to play to take the lead and steal a win in Madison.

The following is a look back at UW's offensive series:

First quarter:

Drive No. 1: Started on own 10 yard line following OSU kickoff.
Plays: 4
Yards: 23
Result: 58-yard Brad Nortman punt.

Best play: Had to be UW's first offensive play of the game. Allan Evridge hit David Gilreath across the middle for a 15-yard gain. The completion looked to be a start to a promising drive.

Worst play: On third and two from their own 33 yard line, Evridge dropped back and forced a pass into a covered Mickey Turner. The problem was, there was absolutely nowhere to throw the ball to Turner and the pass could have easily been intercepted.

Drive No. 2: Started on own four yard line following Allen Langford interception.
Plays: 6
Yards: 19
Result: 32-yard Nortman punt

Best play: On third and one from their own 13 yard line, P.J. Hill rushed for seven yards to give Nortman more room to get off a good punt.

Worst play: Facing a second and seven situation, Zach Brown got stuffed by James Laurinaitis. The play resulted in no gain and set up third and long which UW did not convert.

Drive No. 3: Started on own 29 yard line following A.J. Trapasso punt.
Plays: 4
Yards: 17
Result: Fumble

Worst play: Evridge tried to escape the pocket on third and nine, got hit, and fumbled the ball. Ohio State's Ross Homan recovered the loose ball and gave the Buckeye offense good field position.

Second quarter:

Drive No. 4 Started on own nine yard line following Trapasso punt.
Plays: 15
Yards: 91
Result: Touchdown (7-7 tie)

Best play: With the Badgers looking at a three and out, Travis Beckum saved the drive. On third and five, Evridge found his tight end in the slot. Although the pass was high, Beckum leaped into the air and held on for the Badger first down, keeping the scoring drive alive.

Drive No. 5:
Plays: 5
Yards: 4
Result: 46 yard Nortman punt.

Best play: Following Kraig Urbik's false start penalty, Hill rushed for nine yards to give the Badgers a first down.

Worst play: Ohio State defender Marcus Coleman dropped Gilreath for a seven yard loss on the end around. The play forced UW into a third and 17 situation that UW did not convert.

Drive No. 6: Started on own 20 yard line following Trapasso punt.
Plays: 5
Yards: 77
Result: 20-yard Philip Welch field goal. (10-7 Wisconsin)

Best play: With time running out in the first half and only one time out remaining, Evridge stepped up in the collapsing pocket and fired a bullet to Kyle Jefferson for a 35-yard gain. Welch then connected on a field goal to give the Badgers the edge at the break.

Third quarter:

Drive No. 7: Started on own 23 yard line following second half kickoff
Plays: 6
Yards: 16
Result: 41 yard Nortman punt.

Best play: Once again, Beckum served as Evridge's security blanket on third down. This time, he found him for a eight-yard gain on third and six.

Worst play: Evridge found a wide open Isaac Anderson downfield across the middle. However, Anderson was unable to make the catch even with it hitting him squarely in the hands. The Badgers were then forced to punt.

Drive No. 8: Started on own 35 following Ohio State kickoff (10-10 tie)
Plays: 6
Yards: 11
Result: 43 yard Nortman punt.

Best play: Evridge's nine yard completion to Beckum on third down.

Worst play: Following his third down conversion to Beckum, Evridge was sacked by Freeman for a six yard loss.

Drive No. 9: Started on own 24 yard line.
Plays: 3
Yards: 0
Result: 35 yard Nortman punt.

Worst play: On third and five, Evridge held the ball too long and was brought down for a five yard loss. The sack once again forced UW to punt.

Drive No. 10: Started on own 37 yard line following OSU kickoff (13-10 Ohio State)
Plays: 10
Yards: 67
Result: Touchdown (17-13 Wisconsin)

Best play: In a drive that was dominated by freshman John Clay, the best play came on first and 10 from OSU's 35 yard line. Clay took the handoff, broke it outside, hurdled a defender and got the Badgers into the Buckeye red zone. Three plays later, Hill bulldozed his way in for the go ahead touchdown.

Drive No. 11: Started on own 19 yard line following OSU kickoff (20-17 Ohio State)
Plays: 1
Yards: 0
Result: Interception

Worst play: Any hopes of a UW comeback drive was ended quickly when Evridge threw an interception of the first play. While rolling out to his left, Evridge threw across his body in hopes of connecting with Lance Kendricks, but Malcolm Jenkins stepped in to seal the Buckeye win.

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