August 15, 2008

Coach Quotes and Practice Notes - 08/15/2008


Sophomore safety Victor Aiyewa has missed the last few days of practice with what Head Coach Tyrone Willingham calls:

"Groin, hamstring, not quite hamstring - more groin than anything."

Redshirt junior linebacker Joshua Gage and redshirt senior wide receiver Charles Hawkins are both currently not on scholarship after earning scholarships last season. However, Willingham anticipates at least Gage being placed on scholarship once again.

"They received one year scholarships, but I anticipate possibly with the start of the year, Gage will be back on," said Willingham. "And depending on how our numbers work, we'll consider some of the other walkons. All of those guys will go back into consideration as we start to tally up the number."

Willingham touched on injuries.

"I think we've kept our injuries to some what of a minimum. We've been very precautionary in some of the cases, which is nothing new - something we've been doing all camp. We seem to be making progress. Our major concerns - Jake, etc., are still day-to-day, but seem to be doing well."

Tyrone Willingham Quotes:

With it being the middle of summer, practices can get hot, which is something Willingham enjoys.

"We've had the joy of having some heat in our practices, which is always something nice for football. Our guys have worked through it fairly well. I'm always looking for them to do it better, but it's been good and it's been good for us."

Willingham further discussed the heat and it's effect on the players.

"I would say that the heat always has some impact on some of the guys, and that's a distraction that you welcome as a coach, because you want your guys to be able to work though it. But as you know, it does take a tole working under those conditions. When it's good and hot like some people say it will get to today, that does force you to reach another level, and when you are in the midst of our two-a-day stretch - that's tough anytime."

Willingham discussed working out injured players in the pool.

"It's just the normal things that we do. We're always constantly working on what we call the rehab of our guys, and that happens a lot of ways. One of those tools that we've used over the last two years that we really think has been beneficial, has been the pool. We've used it post-game. We've used it for guys in situations that we have to be cautious with. Getting them to do things in water puts a lot less stress on some of the joints, but at the same time, it gives us the full range of motion and the resistance that you can benefit from, so it's been a good program for us."

Willingham discussed the transition of true freshman Senio Kelemete, who was waiting to be cleared by the NCAA Clearinghouse, but should have actually been cleared from the beginning of fall practices. Since he arrived late, Kelemete has been working on a different schedule with regards to practices.

"He has to go through the acclimation process, and it limits the number of practices you can have and the number of times you can work. So we have to work him through that initial process. If you remember when we started camp, we worked five days, going through a sequence of short shorts, shell shells and then pads, and he has to kind of follow that same sequence as he starts camp."

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