August 13, 2008

Can Family Ties Pull Logan In?

Washington had success in the state of Colorado in 2007 when the Huskies nabbed standout wide receivers Devin Aguilar and Alvin Logan. Now the Dawgs are attempting to steal another one away from the Centennial State in safety Alex Logan. As you might have guessed, Alvin and Alex are related - they're brothers. Having the elder Logan at Montlake certainly won't hurt the Huskies' chances with the Alex, but the younger Logan does not see it being the deciding factor. However, he knows that Alvin would like to see him in Seattle.

"I don't think it's really a factor right now, but I guess it would help since he's there and he tells me so many good things about Washington. But I'm going to have to see other colleges," expressed Logan. "He doesn't tell me to go to Washington, because he knows if he said that, I would probably go there. But I'm sure he wants me to."

As good as his older brother was coming out of high school, Logan is probably better. The 6-foot-2, 198-pounder is considered the third best prospect in Colorado and the 28th best safety in the nation. Logan has racked up 14 offers thus far from the likes of Arizona State, Cal, Colorado, Nebraska, Oregon, Stanford, Texas Tech, Washington and Washington State.

Logan hasn't spoken to the Husky coaching staff lately, but he likes the relationship he's formed with them so far.

"I called J.D. Williams before the summer started. We talked about the situation at Washington, what kind of players he likes to coach and how they expect to be one of the top programs in the near future. They just want to rebuild and get everything together. He likes the kids that he has right now - he said they should be better and be able to step into roles and do what they need to do," explained Logan. "I also talked to the defensive coordinator. I talked to him on the phone - he's pretty cool. He's the type of coach any player would like to play for. He jokes, but he knows when it's time to get serious and get things done."

Sometimes Seattle's weather can work against the Huskies, but it's quite the opposite with Logan, who further discussed Washington's coaching staff.

"I really like the weather out there, even though people say it's depressing. Overcast weather makes it easier to play football in my opinion," expressed Logan. "I like how the coaches interact. Coach [Tyrone] Willingham is a really genuine guy. He'll tell you the truth, he won't tell you what you want to hear. You know you will have to come in and earn it. They gave my brother a fair shot to come in and play and right now he's doing a pretty good job. I like how they treat their players and I like the atmosphere out there."

Logan has been to Washington twice, once to visit his older brother and the other to watch the Huskies' 2008 Spring Game, where he came away impressed.

"We just hung out. He showed me around the campus and he talked about how much he liked it. It was a real positive visit," expressed Logan of his first visit. "I went to the spring game with my family, so we just hung out. I stayed with my brother and he showed me around, but he couldn't show me that much because he had to go to sleep early since the spring game was the next day. I sat in Coach Williams' office and Coach Willingham's office. I also saw the weight room, but I didn't get to go in. I really thought the defense was much improved. All of the defensive backs played well. They stayed in their zones and they made some big hits. I was impressed, I thought Coach Williams did a good job."

The only other campus Logan has been to, would be that of the hometown Buffaloes.

"I've been to Colorado for their junior day and their Friday Night Lights Camp," explained Logan. "During the junior day, we toured the campus and talked to the coaches. They showed us the new uniforms they are getting. The campus was really nice and the coaches were really cool, especially Coach [Greg] Brown, the defensive backs coach. During the Friday Night Lights Camp, we did one-on-one's. There was also a dunk contest and an obstacle course. We played Buff ball - it's like football, but you don't stop, the ball is never down. It's kind of like rugby pretty much."

Logan didn't grow up rooting for any particular college, but he did admit that he has become some what of a fan of the Huskies since his brother joined the team.

"I've definitely become a fan, since my brother is playing for them," exclaimed Logan. "I watched every game that I could last season. I watched the Oregon game. I watched the UCLA game, the USC game. I watched pretty much all of the games that I could."

Logan plans to take all five of his official visits, although he's not sure which schools he will take those visits to. One thing Logan is certain of, is that he will take a visit to Washington, if not multiple.

"I'm not sure where I'll take my visits. I have to talk to my parents, but I'm definitely going to come up and see my brother play at Washington. I know I'm going to come out and see Washington play," explained Logan. "I know I'll go to one game for sure, but if my parents decide they want to come up and see other games, I'm definitely ready to go do that too."

Logan, who plans to make a decision after he takes all five of his official visits, said that education and his relationship with the coaching staff will play crucial roles in his choice.

"Education first off," responded Logan. "As well as the coaches and players on the team. How well do I get along with the team? Is the coaching style right for me?"

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