August 2, 2008

Elevator incident puts small scare in players

STILLWATER - When you're a player with the talent of Andre Sexton, there's not much that can scare you on the football field.

But how would he react to, say, being stuck in an elevator?

The junior out of Houston found out earlier this week, when he was stuck inside a Gallagher-Iba Arena elevator for 30 minutes with 13 of his teammates.

Sexton said it was a situation that was both frightening and humorous. You know, one of those moments in life that is scary at first, but after the fact becomes a fun little anecdote you tell your friends.

"We were coming back from dinner and had meetings at 9 o'clock," Sexton said. "It wasn't like it was too crowded, so it wasn't over-packed and we didn't think we exceeded the weight limit. Well, we get to the bottom and - I didn't know we were at the bottom at the time - the elevator jerks and I get this look of shock was on my face because I thought I was about to die."

Then he looked up. He noticed they were on the ground floor, so they were safe. However...

"The door wasn't opening up."


"So everybody was like okay, it'll open up in a little bit," Sexton said. "It didn't open up. Then it starts making this funny sound."

Even better.

"Our first reaction is to call somebody," he said. "We don't want to be late and we want to let them (coaches) know what is going on. Nobody has service because of the elevator. And Cingular is supposed to have service everywhere. Where's Cingular when we need them?"

No joke. $65 bucks a month to disappear during an emergency?

"So finally, we had to push the little button on the bottom to call for help in the elevator," he said. "The guy was like okay, and asked how many people were in there and said 'I'll be right back.' Be right back? Is he sending someone? Finally, coach (Jimmy) Gonzales comes down there and they get the people and they're talking to us and we can't get it open. Finally he had to reset everything and then it eventually opened 30 minutes later."

Crisis averted.

"It was hot in there. It was funny and scary at the same time."

So what did Sexton and Co. do to pass the time? He said joke-telling was the hot selection. But there was also another, more uh, flatulent choice.

Yup, that's right... gas was passed.

"There were a couple - and that made it hotter!" Sexton laughed.

Luckily for Oklahoma State fans, all the Cowboys involved survived the elevator lock-in and olfactory offensive.

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