July 31, 2008

Norman discusses decision


"The camp definitely benefited me. I got to see Coach Kitchings coaching style and what not. He helped me a lot with my footwork and a couple of the agility drills we did, I'm going to take to practice next weekend to try to better myself. I think the camp definitely benefited me.

"After the camp, I talked to Coach Kitchings afterwards about recruiting and everything and he told me that it wasn't likely that they were going to offer on the spot that day, and that he would have to talk to Coach Johnson about it. Then I called him the following day, and he told me that they were sending an offer through the mail."


"I had already made up my mind that I wanted to play football in the Southeastern Conference. There were a couple other teams that I was looking at that I didn't think were really for me. Vanderbilt offered early playing time, great coaching and my parents were more excited about Vanderbilt than any other school. Probably what pushed it over was that they had the best combination of academics and athletics in the SEC and that put them over. Academics is a pretty big thing for me."


"He's a good friend of mine, it would probably help me out with all the stuff he's been through and all the stuff he's going through right now as a freshman. He'll be able to tell me what to do and what not to do. I'm really sure that it will help me coming in [next year]."


"I would like to consider myself a complete back. I think I have the speed to compete at the next level and I think I have the power. A lot of people think I'm too small or whatever, but I beg to differ. I would like to work on my footwork though. I've been tripped up a couple of times in the fall and that really bothers me, so I definitely need to improve my footwork and probably my lower body strength a little bit, as I'm going into college. I think I'll be okay though by the time I get there."

Outlook of the team...starts practice next Monday..

"I think we have seven starters on defense and eight on offense, I'm not that sure, but I think it's that number. I really do think we have a good core of guys coming back and going to the Dome last year really raised expectations for us for this year, as a team. Anything less would be a failure, to us at least."


"I'm still pretty undecided but if I had to say something now, it would probably be something in business."


"I definitely want to come see a couple of games. I not sure which ones yet, or when, but I definitely do plan on attending a couple of games, at least two.

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