May 14, 2008

Wienke eyes the future

As quarterback John Wienke gets ready to head off to college, it is not only him making the move to Iowa this summer, but his entire family as his father will be coaching this fall at Waterloo West, which will allow them to follow his career with the Hawkeyes a little easier. The 6-foot-4, 196-pound Wienke talks about the family's move, his mindset going into his freshman year at Iowa, and much more.

Q: How much high school do you have left?

WIENKE: I think our last full day is May 22nd and we're done the 23rd. So we're starting to get things wrapped up and I'm just getting ready for finals.

Q: How's everything gone as you finish things out?

WIENKE: Oh, it's going pretty good. I'm just making sure to keep my grades up, but everything's been going real well. I've just been lifting and throwing and stuff, just trying to keep in the groove of things.

Q: When are you headed to Iowa City?

WIENKE: I think I'm reporting June 8th or 9th. Probably the 8th, which is a Sunday night, so I can get moved in and be ready on the 9th to get my first day of lifting in and everything. My family is going on vacation, so I won't be there the 2nd, but we're going to take a little time off and then I'll report and get to work.

Q: What went into your decision to get there early this summer?

WIENKE: I just kind of want to get used to the whole system and start learning some of the offense. Any chance that I have to take advantage of something like that, I want to do it, and then kind of get to know the guys and build a relationship with them. But basically get there to work and see what the whole life is like.

Q: Then your whole family is making the move to the state of Iowa this summer too.

WIENKE: Yeah, I think they're moving in July because my dad got the job at Waterloo West. They're not going to be there forever, but until I get out of school or my brother gets out of school, they're going to kind of hang around there, so they'll be able to see my games and stuff.

Q: Obviously, you had known ahead of time they'd be making the move, but what were your thoughts on it?

WIENKE: It's a good thing I think. They're not right next to me actually. It's like an hour and twenty minutes away, but it's close enough to where they can leave on Saturday morning and be to the game without having to wake up so early and drive for five hours. It's a good thing for them and they're not right on top of me, so it's alright.

Q: Going back to the spring game in April, did you get to meet some of the other recruits?

WIENKE: Yeah, I did. I got to meet Riley Reiff and Semmes. I got to talk to some of those guys and kind of get to know them and see what their plans are for this summer. I'm sure I'll get to know a lot more people when I get there this summer.

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