May 15, 2008

Signee Update: Meet the new #20 has put together this 2008 signee update to give you the opportunity to learn more about the recruit and more about the actual person. We have put together a signee update that give you answers about the signee on and off the field. The featured signee this edition is Brandon Boykin.

Part I: Boykin talks Recruiting and UGA

What is your current size and do you have a target weight for your arrival to Georgia?

"I weigh 175 right now and I'm trying to get to about 180-185 before I come."

What is your workout plans for the next few months as you prepare for UGA?

"Right now I am running track and lifting weights twice a day."

What was your favorite part of the recruiting process?

"I would say reading the recruiting sites because it was fun to see the stories and the message board talk."

What was the least favorite part about the recruiting process?

"The recruiters calling all through the night while I was doing homework. They all say the same stuff."

What number would you like to wear at Georgia?

"We went over the numbers Saturday, and I will be wearing number 20. I wore number 2 so I thought about taking Asher Allen's after he leaves but I might keep 20 so I can make my own identity. It depends on how I do with 20."

How strong was your relationship with your recruiting coach?

"It is real strong, Coach Garner came to my house a couple times and he is real honest and my family loved him. While he is laid back off field, on the field will be different story but I'm prepared."

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