April 21, 2008

McCall fine-tuning the Cats' offense

Mick McCall says that Northwestern's spread offense under his leadership will be much the same as the spread offenses that the Wildcats ran under three previous offensive coordinators. After all, as the adage says, if it's not broke, don't fix it, and NU's offense is largely responsible for the 44 wins and three bowl appearances that the Wildcats have earned since 2000, when they introduced the attack to the Big Ten conference.

But in a one-one-one interview last week with WildcatReport, McCall identified five changes that he will make to the offense that Wildcat fans will notice. It remains to be seen how profound these differences are, but McCall hopes that the tweaks will make NU's attack more difficult to defend, more dynamic and - in the only statistic that really counts - more efficient in putting enough points on the board to win games next season.

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