April 19, 2008

Bruin D-line dominates scrimmage

The defensive unit dominated the scrimmage, but on the bright side of things, the offense showed some grit and competitive spirit giving one the impression that they could end up as a solid offensive unit. The defensive interior looks to be about as good as it gets on the collegiate level with senior Brigham Harwell and sophomore Brian Price leading the charge with Jerzy Siewierski providing quality off the bench.

The offense is still making little mistakes. They still have a week to clean their issues up. The offensive line is still a work in progress and going against a talented defensive line should help them in the long run.

The offensive line, more than likely, won't be lining up in games against the type of talent they are practicing against.

All in all, not a bad effort and it looks like growth was made. The following are UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel's thoughts on the evening.

Neuheisel: "I'm a little disappointed in myself tonight. I thought the lights out here were a little better. I don't know if we should have scrimmaged at night given the lighting, but that being said I think we got a lot done and we will look at the tape and have a lot more to coach off of and I think it sets us up given that there were no injuries for a great last week of practice.

Did anybody stand out today?

Neuheisel: "I saw some great individual things, but I don't know if I saw anyone guy kind of dominate. Again our defensive tackles, Brigham Harwell and Brian Price and I thought Jerzy Siewierski did some great things inside.

The offense didn't seem as crisp as the other night?

Neuheisel: "Yeah and you know what? I thought it was our best 7-on-7 of our entire deal. I don't know, I'll have to look at the tape what was keeping us from being more consistent. I saw a couple of good plays down the field.

"One by Marcus Everett and one by Gavin Ketchum, but we need to improve dramatically in the throw game between now and the end of the week so that we give ourselves a springboard towards the offseason and into the fall.

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