April 9, 2008

Coach's Corner featuring Brandon Boykin

Who can tell you more about who you will be cheering for in the coming years better than the prospect's head coach? We put together a short question and answer segment asking the coaches questions about their former star recruits and future Georgia Bulldogs. The prospect featured in this edition of the Coach's Corner is four-star corner Brandon Boykin out of Fayetteville, Georgia.

Fayette County Head Coach Tommy Webb took the time to answer the following questions about Boykin.

Tell us about Boykin's play in 2007.

"Brandon did an awful lot, not only on the field, but off the field too. It was kind of a four year plan for all of us when we got here and to see Brandon and this class grow and for them to take us where they did this past year. It started last spring when the seniors committed themselves in the weight room and the conditioning program and Brandon was there leading that.

He gave us a lot of leadership and he made plays for us on Friday nights. That was kind of the thing that was lacking in the past and he was able to step up and give us a spark, give us boost, and make us a play when we had to have it on both sides of the ball. He was a tremendous leader for us and it showed. The other thing that stands out about him is his competitive nature. I think that is what sets him apart. He didn't want to lose, he really prepared for this year, and he played well for us all year."

How has he improved while you have been coaching him?

"I had seen him a little bit on the middle school level and he was very athletic and he had some football skills, but he was not very strong and he was kind of smallish. The first thing I have seen over the four years is his improvement in the weight room. He has gotten a lot stronger and he has bulked up. He is still not a big kid, but he has really worked hard it and showed when he never got hurt this year. He maintained his health and played injury free throughout the season."

"That was the first thing, the second thing was how he improved his football skills. We knew he was athletic, but there is so much more to football than just being athletic. We knew he could run, but him running the option at quarterback like he did requires him to make a lot of decisions, and he went from a hand-off type QB or a keep it type QB to being a smart decision making QB. Those are two areas that he has really made improvements at."

Tell us about him off the field when football isn't involved.

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