March 25, 2008

More attention for Shaq

Shaquelle Evans, 6-foot-1 and 190-pounds, has been on quite a ride since 2008 began. The four-star wide-receiver is one of the top players on the West Coast, and because of that he is being bombarded by official scholarship offers from some of the top schools nation-wide. Ohio State University recently extended an offer, giving Evans more than a dozen official offers.

"The offer came out of no where," Evans said about his most recent offer. "Ohio State, the two-time National Champion game participant? Wow, that's an honor to get an offer from a team that has a winning tradition like that. And to offer me some kind of plan, especially being from almost all the way on the East Coast, it was an honor.

"I talked to coach (Brian) Hazell, he said they like that I have size, speed and can also make plays on special teams. Basically I'm a difference maker and I can be that guy who can make those plays in the big games."

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