January 2, 2008

Ohio LB gearing up for two more visits

bench is 300 squat is 385 clean is 315 and my forty time is still the same my height is 6 foot 3 an im weighing 220.

1. Do you have any official visits planned? my visits are Vanderbilt- 1/11/08 and Utah-1/18/08, and I already went to Ball st. on 12/7/07

2. What interests you about those programs?

Vanderbilt- the academics and the conference are the best around, and it's a great challenge for me that I would love to take on. Also the city of Nashville just sounds like an awesome place.

Utah- family tradition, a lot of my uncles on my moms side went and played there,(jason kaufusi,henry kaufusi,doug kaufusi,jeff kaufusi) and two others went to BYU(rich kaufusi and steve kaufusi) Steve is currently one of the coaches at BYU. Also almost all of my family is there and with me growing up there for almost 13 years it would be nice to go back an play there.

Ball St.-they have a great campus, also I am very familiar with things they do. My brother goes there and I've played with him all my life so this could be another opportunity to play with him.

3. What schools have offered at this point? And are there any other programs who look like they might be on the verge to?

"All of the MAC schools, Air Force, Vanderbilt, and Utah. For a while a lot of schools like Nebraska, Michigan State and Colorado were saying they were going to offer but have backed off due to new commits and so on."

4. Are all of these programs recruiting you as a linebacker or are there some other positions they are looking at you possibly playing?

"Most of the schools are recruiting for linebacker but some are also looking at me to play the slot or tight end, and also defensive end.

5. What are you looking for out of a school and program?

"I am looking for how well I get along with the people there, that is very important. Also the academics, the surrounding area and how the team is looking for the future. My brother also might play a role into where I might go."

6. Can you describe your style of play?
What do you feel [or have coaches maybe told you] you do best? What are some of the strengths and what do you think you'd need to work on once you get to the next level?

"Coaches have told me that I'm a playmaker whether that is offense or defense. Also I've heard toughness and just the knowledge of the game. Some of my strengths are probably my knowledge of the game and the ability to make big plays and also leadership.

I think I need to work on my footwork the ability to stop and start up again helps a lot, so to just work on that."

7. What were your thoughts on your senior year at Piqua?

I thought that we were a team that no one was worrying about, we did win state the year before but people said we lost way too much, as in players. Also I thought it was a great year, we went 8-4, lost some close ones but overall I had lots of fun playing with my fellow seniors.

8. Do you have a desired major you want to pursue in college?

still undecided

9. Do you know what your final stats were on your senior year?

117 tackles 28 tfls 6 sacks 3 ints, 30 catches for 540 yds 6tds

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