December 18, 2007

Hall addresses legacy

Four years at Alabama have taught DJ Hall a lot, but no lesson more important than this one: He can control things between the white lines, and much less outside of them.

On Tuesday, the Crimson Tide's all-time leading receiver addressed his legacy two weeks before his UA career will close in the Independence Bowl. And he has heard the criticism as much as the cheers.

"I know people don't think I'm the greatest person around here," said Hall. "... I hear rumors like people say me and JP didn't get along, that we argue on the side. Me and JP have never once argued. People say 'I heard you choked JP on the sideline,' and I'm like, 'Where are you getting this information from'?"

Hall said he has heard from people as close as his own family regarding rumors about his attitude, and has had conversations with coach Nick Saban about the damage done to his image following his departure from the Miami Dolphins. His conclusion? That all he can do is keep playing.

"If you read the papers when everybody is on JP, and people come to me and ask me about him, I fight for him more than anybody on this team," Hall said. "Even my mom calls and she's like, 'Why are you yelling at JP? It's all over the internet that you and JP get into arguments.' I tell her to quit reading that stuff."

Hall is closing in on his second consecutive 1,000-yard receiving season, although a one-half suspension against Louisiana-Monroe and a heavy dose of late-season double teams have slowed his yardage pace considerably. Earlier this season, he broke school records for career passing yards and career receptions.

Hall also took responsibility for his suspension, which came on Senior Day.

"I blame nobody but myself for what happened," said Hall. "You make mistakes, you've got to pay for them."

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