November 23, 2007

Craig Sheppard impresses

Running backs coach Dino Babers said during the week before the ASU game to watch out for Craig Sheppard. Babers went on to say that if Sheppard does what Babers coached him to do that he's going to open up some eyes. Open up some eyes, Sheppard did. He gave the Bruins a running game.

Before being injured with a hip pointer, Sheppard rushed for over 50 yards of rushing and made Babers look like a prophet in the bargain. had a moment with Sheppard after Wednesday Evening's practice as he was getting ready for his encore performance against Oregon. You had an excellent game for your first time out. Tell us how you were feeling when you were going into the game?

Sheppard: "I was excited. I kind of got the first game jitters out of me already playing on special teams and stuff so I wasn't super nervous, but I was excited playing and helping contribute and I was just happy to help contribute to the team. Where did you go to high school?

Sheppard: "I went to high school at San Pasqual. It's in Escondido. It says my hometown is in San Marcos, but my hometown is Escondido. In northern San Diego County. It's where a lot of the fires were.

"The President (Mr. Bush), gave a speech right across from my high school in the park because they had a big a tent city I guess set up in the park right across from the high school.

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