November 20, 2007

Cronan: Ryan does it again

R.R. Marshall: Peter, in a winner-take-all contest the Eagles confounded the experts and sprung the upset of mighty Clemson in Death Valley 20-17 in what has to be one of the biggest victories in the history of the program. What were your thoughts on the game after the big finish?

Peter Cronan: We've talked about the games of the decades for BC, and three weeks ago the game against Virginia Tech was the biggest game in school history in terms of its impact on the program. Well, that game has now been trumped by this one. It was all on the line and the entire world was watching, and this game had something for everybody right down to the absolute last play. BC was not given half a chance to win this thing and they came into one of the most difficult environments in college football against an excellent Clemson team that had been surging their last four games and were the solid favorite to win this game. This game was a real slugfest; it reminded me of a heavyweight fight with the two top contenders just slugging it out, and BC coming up with the big knockout punch at the end.

Although the short BC kickoffs resulted in Clemson getting the short field a number of times they got stout defensive play from the Eagle defense the entire evening. The offense had trouble getting untracked early, but once they figured out they weren't going to get the big plays and started settling for the small gains by taking what Clemson was willing to give them and mixing the run and the pass they were able to hold onto the ball with long, sustained drives in the second half. The special teams prevented any big plays and the kicking was solid. This is a game that erases a lot of the ills from the past, as for the first time in a very long time, perhaps going back to the Doug Flutie Cotton Bowl, BC won a game they absolutely had to win. This is one we are all going to savor for a long time.

RRM: Matt Ryan came up with yet another superlative effort in a clutch situation, completing 31 of 47 for 315 yards and a touchdown. What more can we say about him that we haven't already said?

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