November 18, 2007

Jacksonville bound

Watching the end of Saturday night's game in a room full of people, I wondered out loud why Frank Spaziani didn't throw a blitz at Clemson on third down with the season on the line. Even though BC is not for blitzing, the timing looked perfect.

It didn't look like it would happen when the Eagles showed a three-man front on that battered defense, with no one flashing.

One of the guys not flashing was Roderick Rollins. Then, on a delayed blitz, Rollins saved the BC season by recording what might have been the biggest tackle in the history of the program. The QB held the ball too long and the game was, for all practical purposes, over.

To say BC dodged a bullet to make it to Jacksonville would be like saying Barry Bonds is in trouble with the Feds. But think about it; think about what this team, especially this defense; has been through the past three weeks. Didn't they deserve a break? Didn't they deserve a dropped touchdown pass; at a time where the defense was being held together with scotch tape?

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