November 16, 2007

Fox: We still have a lot to prove

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Q: This season hasn't gone how you hoped.

Fox: It's nothing anybody on our team expected. It's kind of disappointing. We still have a lot to prove. We have two games left against ranked oponetns. We take care of those, that's all we can do right now.

Q: A bowl is now the goal?

Fox: That's definitely important right now, and everyone wants to get to a bowl game. It's really on us as to what bowl game we go to. We can get the most we can out of our season if we win two big games. That's everyone's goal right now. We're taking it from where we are right now. That's the goal of the team.

Q: Randy Shannon said his message is to relax and have fun. Is that possible?

Fox: Well, that's what he said. We've been trying new things, making practice a lot more competitive as far as one on ones in practice, getting everyone jumping up and down. He's got a lot of new ideas, and all that can do is help us in the long run. It's new opportunities to get better.

Q: In a season like this, does it still seem fun?

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