November 12, 2007

He said. She said. Asleep in the booth.


.She said::...



What did you expect with a back-up quarterback, an injured running back and
a re-worked offensive line? In his first start, Lyle Moevao did a good
job of running the offense and leading the team, in a game that at times looked
more like a bar brawl than a football game. Yes he threw an interception and
yes, he had a fumble, but all in all he did what he needed to do for the Beavers
to win (even when the refs were doing all in their power to give the game to
the Huskies).

If Moevao gets the start against the Cougars, there are two things that I'd
like to see. First, the sideline needs to get the play in a bit sooner. There
were a few time-outs burned simply because Moevao didn't return to the huddle
until there were 10 seconds on the clock. Second, he needs to work on protecting
the ball a little more when he takes off running. A few scrambles really had
me worried as he held the ball away from his body as he ran.

Once again, Yvenson Bernard showed why he is so trusted and why many
consider him the 'heart and soul' of the Beavers offense. 149 yards with a shoulder
that he couldn't even lift above his head a day earlier…are you kidding
me? Bernard is tough and he get's better as the game progresses. As one of the
television announcers pointed out, he may not be the fastest back to ever play
in the Pac 10, but he has great eyes and vision.

The line also did a great job of protecting and giving Moevao time to throw,
and also did their best to protect their leader, Bernard. Although the penalties
got out of hand and Jeremy Perry's return to the line-up meant
the return of his passion and fire, to see the 'hogs' getting after the Husky
d-line after the cheap shots they were throwing at Bernard showed how much they
respect him.

The tight ends were quiet once again and the receivers are still struggling
to catch passes. Part of this is due to going toward a more run oriented offense
against the Huskies and part is due to the case of the dropsies that continues
to plague the group.

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