November 11, 2007

Ponder talks about his first action

Post-game Interview: Red-shirt Freshman Quarterback Christian Ponder:

Q: After they got back up on you, did they start playing defensively with a little more confidence and start throwing some different things at you?

I think they did. They brought a little more blitzes. They just made plays, the [defensive] end jumped up on that screen and he got in my way. I should have thrown it away. The two trap which they hadn't really shown until this game, they threw it in there during the first half and then they came back in the second half and played two trap. That is what got me on that second interception.

Q: On the fumble, were you just trying to do too much?


Q: Looking back do you wish you had just gone down?

I should have gone down. I tried to do a little too much. I should have fought for the yards I could have and just get it down on the ground and not take so many hits. That is what is going to happen, especially when you are facing a good defense like Virginia Tech.

Q: Is that just instinct?

It is from high school. I have always tried to run like that but I just have to realize that college is a whole different game and to just get down on the ground.

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