November 5, 2007

Grading the Tide: LSU 41, Alabama 34

On its face, Wilson's 14-for-40, two-turnover performance should merit much worse than a C. But considering Alabama's worst rushing effort of the year coincided with its worst pass protection of the year, Wilson's grade is more deserving of a curve than any player on the team. His best second-and-short snap all night was gifted by a penalty, and even that play was met with a 3-yard loss on a rush by Jonathan Lowe. Granted, Wilson held the ball too long on a couple of LSU's seven sacks. But on a night when Wilson got so little help from his teammates, it's a wonder he was able to throw for 234 yards and three touchdowns.

Offensive line
Instead of giving this line a break because it was missing two starters, we'll forget the curve and let Antoine Caldwell and Marlon Davis share in the blame. The fact that LSU's defensive front is outstanding by any definition prevents a grade of F. But competition notwithstanding, UA's front played its worst game of the season by far. There were no holes for the running backs (54 net yards for the backs), and seven quarterback sacks. Even standout tackle Andre Smith had his troubles.

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