November 2, 2007

Taylor ready to return against Arizona

Linebacker Christian Taylor put a scare into a lot of people when he suffered a concussion in the Cal game. Up until his injury, Taylor was one of the heroes of the Cal win and ironically he didn't even know his team won until he woke up in the hospital.

Taylor spent some time with the media after practice.

How do you feel?

Taylor: "I feel good.

How miserable was it standing on the sidelines for that game (WSU)?

Taylor: "Last week's game?


Taylor: "I don't like watching games.

How much did you want to be out there?

Taylor: "I would have loved to be out there, but I couldn't so…

How was practice for you today? How did you feel?

Taylor: "I feel great. I felt better. I had a week off.

Do you feel a little quicker?

Taylor: "Yeah, yeah I feel fresh. I'm kind of getting my second wind for the end of the season. I have been feeling good the last few weeks before the Cal game. I feel good.

As an observer to last week's game, what do you think was the major problem in that game?

Taylor: "There were a lot of problems. I don't know if I can point to one thing. At this point we're not thinking about last week's game anymore. We onto this game (Arizona). There is nothing we can do about it now.

"We are still in good standing to win the Pac 10. There is nobody other than us believes that we can do it, but hey, all you need is yourself, so we're not reading anything else, we are believing in ourselves and keeping it in the family.

"It's all about us and we still control our own destiny and we are just taking this one game at a time and making Arizona the focus everything we do right now and we're just looking to get better.

"I've been honest to the team and I told the guys if we play like that we aren't going to win anything and if we don't learn to play consistent football we're not winning anything.

"So the past is behind us and we're working to be a consistent team. It's not that we don't have the ability to do it, you guys have seen it, everybody has seen it.

"We can beat anybody. We can beat anybody in the country. It's a matter of doing it every day and doing it every game and that's what we're working on.

How important is it to take the lessons learned from last year when you bounced back with that great three game winning streak at the end of the season? Are you going to be able to take any of that from last year and translate it to these next four games? If you win these next four games you will go to the Rose Bowl.

Taylor: "That's been mentioned. Every year is a new year, though. It's a new team though we have a lot of the same guys back playing, but it's a new team and we're trying to get that same mentality. Get guys to relax and just play football.

"Have fun and just play football and that's what we did at the end of last year. We took all the pressure off and didn't worry about if we do this and we do this, we get this. We just played and we played well. So we're trying to do the same thing, yeah.

How scary was your situation against Cal?

Taylor: "It wasn't that scary to me because I don't really remember a lot of it. I've heard from other people, that it was scary from observing it, but I don't remember.

What do you remember from the Arizona game out there (Tucson) two years ago?

Taylor: "I remember we lost really badly. I remember that. I remember it being a horrible feeling, I can tell you that much.

Have you thought about that game this week?

Taylor: "No, no if I would think about any game I would think about what we did to them last season.


Taylor: "Yeah, this isn't the same team that was here two years ago. They don't have the same team. The players are closer from last year than it was two years ago.

"Every year is a new year. I'm sure they're going to try to get themselves hyped up using that game saying let's do it again, let's do it again.

They have changes their offense from that year, too.

Taylor: "They did change their offense. They spread it out and chuck it all over the place.

What problems do you have to overcome? What obstacles does this offense present?

Taylor: "They throw the ball everywhere and they run about 30 percent, but from what happened last week we tried to take away the pass. I'm sure they are going to try to run the ball on us and I'm not going to say what we're going to do.

"They will have a game plan for us. They scheme up for every team we play. Find weaknesses and exploit those weaknesses. Playing team from team they kind of change things a little bit. Put different wrinkles in and they will do something like that for us and our goal is we want to shut them down so. We are working for that.

When did you get the concussion?

Taylor: "During what do mean in the game?

It wasn't that last play of the game…

Taylor: "Well what happened was I think I got two (concussions), I want to say. I think it was the series before there was a play where, it has been so long I don't remember exactly what happened.

"Bruce Davis and Reggie Carter hit the back from behind and I hit it from the front and when I hit him it was just like a wall and it was like my helmet versus their three helmets and when I hit it, it was a third down play and I just kind of fell backwards after the hit. It was like running into a wall with no place to go.

"I came off the field and I was a little bit out of it and I was trying to get myself back into it. I sprayed water on my head and in my face, slapped myself around a little bit and I was talking to the guys and they could tell I wasn't quite there and I told them I wasn't quite there you guys feel free to make the check and I went back out and that's when on the next play I hit him on the back, I think it was the back with the top of head and I kind of lowered my head a little bit, not the best form and I kind of went into the twilight zone is what I remember.

"I kind of faded out and came back…

You didn't head toward the light?

Taylor: "(Laughs) No, no I didn't. It was more of a Star Wars type of thing.

Do you remember anything from the sideline?

Taylor: "I remember going to the sideline. I don't remember, there's a block. It's fuzzy, I vaguely remember a bunch of people around me and I guess from the point when I passed out on and they said I kind of had a seizure and then I remember being at the hospital.

So your memory is getting off the field and then the hospital?

Taylor: "Yeah, I remember fuzzy parts and in between like going off the field…

Kind of a dream state?

Taylor: "Sort of, yeah. Sort of like that…

Did you know that you won when you were in the hospital?

Taylor: "I was told when we got there…

You didn't know?

Taylor: "I did not know. I knew we were ahead when I got hurt, but my Dad told me we won when he got there. I figured they were going to try and kick a field goal. I didn't know what was going to happen.

Did any of the linebackers make a check while you were the field?

Taylor: "No I did. It kind of came back before I went back on the field. We were off the field for a little bit of time so I was sitting there and I kind of pulled back together before I went back on and that's why I did go back on because I felt back to normal.

"No I didn't ask anybody to check on me and I didn't want them to because I figured they wouldn't let me play anymore. I kind of did it to myself.

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