October 14, 2007

Kevin Love poised beyond years

It is really hard to believe that prize recruit Kevin Love is only a freshman with the way he handles the press. He is poised, polite and makes for a good quote. He also displays an affable sense of humor. If this young man is half as good as he seems, he's going to have this town eating out of his hands.

Love was the first-half of the teleconference yesterday.

Are you dominating yet?

Love: "No, I wouldn't say that. Coach Howland is just putting in the offense and putting in a lot of defense. We're running a lot and getting in shape.

He's (UCLA coach Ben Howland) putting in offense on the second day? Is he (Howland) going soft?

Love: "Yeah he's going real..nah, nah he's going real hard on us the first couple of days. They have been a couple of great practices. What was it, we went 10:00 to 1:00 last night (Friday October 12th) and we went from about 2:00 to 4:30 today (Saturday October 13th).

Can describe the intensity of being at one of Ben Howland's practices for the first time?

Love: "Well it's great. I have already had a lot of individual workouts with him and the rest of the team has already, too. Chase Stanback and I mostly as freshmen it's a little bit new to us, but coming in here the first days of practice is just a lot longer and higher intensity than a lot of the high school practices, but coming in here has been great just getting in shape and we are looking forward to playing in a couple of weeks.

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