October 9, 2007

Sun Devils remain perfect as Cougars crumble

Among other academic pursuits, Washington State University is an institution known for its expertise in agriculture and agribusiness. Scouting the area around Pullman leaves you with no other impression as the little burgh is surrounded for miles and miles by wheat farms and little else. Not far from WSU's Martin Stadium is a small establishment known as "the Creamery" where WSU sells products made on campus, most notably ice creams and a cheese called "Cougar Gold."

Those cheese aficionados who have tried it know that Cougar Gold is very tasty, with a bright, mildly salty flavor. It's somewhat addictive and a large tin of Cougar Gold can disappear surprisingly quickly. Likewise, the ice creams produced and served at the Creamery are a taste spectacular. But hold that thought.

This past Saturday, Swami made another trip to the far reaches of the State of Washington to observe the Arizona State Sun Devils. It was a trip about which I was anxious for a host of reasons, some of which have been repeated ad nauseum in the mainstream press - the weather and the difficulty of playing in the stadium being the two most prevalent. It was a "trap" game, being the second road game in a row and one against a seriously wounded opponent which could be taken lightly. The Sun Devils were already in fairly heady territory, as they came into the game with five wins and a somewhat-unexpected number 18 ranking and they could've been self-satisfied.

As we now know, many of my fears were either unfounded or, while realized, were only footnotes to the final outcome, as the Devils prevailed on the scoreboard and left the Palouse undefeated at 6-0 and headed for rankings as high as 13th in the country. We've all read the stories, looked at the statistics. A smattering of Sun Devil fans attended the game and many more watched it on Fox Sports. What really took place on the Palouse?

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