September 26, 2007

Cronan: Defense stands strong

R.R. Marshall: Peter, BC's 37-17 win over Army wasn't the rout most people were looking for but just like Jeff Jagodzinski's said in his postgame you don't ever discount a victory. That being said a whole lot went wrong for the Eagles in this game and I'm sure you were keeping track?

Peter Cronan: Going into this game the idea was for BC to get out ahead and make Army chase them and put enough points on the board to take them out of their game plan. It didn't happen that way in the first half because BC made too many mistakes and Army capitalized on them. I counted three dropped balls on offense and three dropped interceptions on defense, and then there were all kinds of problems in the kicking game. As a result BC suffered a lot of self-inflicted wounds that kept this from being a much more one-sided contest. Jeff Jagodzinski cracked the whip at halftime and got his guys refocused, and they came out in the second half and got the kind of performance they needed to secure the victory. Once BC settled down in the second half it was a much different football game. They were less inclined to go downfield since Matt Ryan didn't have the long ball touch, and they shortened up the field and tore them up with underneath passes.

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