September 16, 2007

Williams: We knew what to expect

Vanderbilt left tackle Chris Williams had an outstanding game in blocking for a rushing attack that amassed 183 yards on the ground and helped the Commodores hold the ball for almost 10 more minutes than Ole Miss. After the game, Williams talked about Vanderbilt's preparation for the Rebels and how the Commodore offensive line was able to control the game and help VU to a 31-17 win.

Here are Williams' answers to the questions asked of him at the press conference.

"[The offense] seemed to run your way a lot early in the game, and there seemed to be some pretty big holes your way. Was there something you guys saw in their defense that you just took advantage of?"

"I feel like we had a great game plan going in. Chris [Nickson] and Mackenzi [Adams] did a great job of recognizing the looks they were doing, and we basically knew what they were doing before they were doing it. They did a great job getting it to the right play, and it just so happened that they came a lot my way and a lot the other way, too."

"You guys seemed to assert yourselves more than you did in the first game. What happened differently this week?"

"We took it as a personal challenge. We hadn't been rushing the ball well at all, so we took it upon ourselves to have a better rushing attack this week, because that opens up everything. I feel like rushing was the key to this game, and we decided that we were going to get it done, basically."

"When you had your quarterback running as good as he did tonight, how much of a lift does that give you?"

"I thought it was great. Having a quarterback running is someone that's not accounted for, so when the quarterback's a running quarterback, it's always a threat for the defense. It's hard for them to [watch him] and cover Earl [Bennett] and George [Smith] and Sean [Walker] and all those guys, so when Chris [Nickson] can get open and they forget to cover him, it's always a great thing."

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