September 7, 2007

Brandon Breazell is a hit

Wide receiver Brandon Breazell had an outstanding game against Stanford catching six passes for 111 yards and one touchdown. He also had a couple of bone crunching blocks, one that freed Joe Cowan to score a touchdown. Breazell took to talk to and the LA Times to discuss that block amongst other things.

Can you walk us through that block on Joe Cowan's second touchdown?

Breazell: "I knew he (the Stanford defender) was going to cutback up field so I tried to cut him off from going on the other side of the field and I missed him so I pushed him and gave him a little shove that's when Joe came across and I was running up field to see who else to block. I didn't see anybody else then the Stanford defender was coming up on Joe so I had to knock him out.

What goes on in your mind on that? Is it just blank and you do it?

Breazell: "It actually goes back to high school because in high school that's all I used to do is crack back blocks. That's why I like to go down there and knock them out.

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