September 3, 2007

Bradford one for one in the Hot 11

There wasn't much fault to be found in Oklahoma's 79-10 victory over North Texas on Saturday night, and the toughest issue of the day is picking the initial 'Hot 11' for the 2007 season. With so many worthy applicants who could fill the list for Of course Sam Bradford and Curtis Lofton made the list, but did the entire Sooner linebacking corps find their way into the group? With so many sacks flying around, which defensive end made his debut in the Hot 11? Find all this and more in this week's Hot 11!

1. Sam Bradford, Quarterback - Stats: 21-for-23, 363 yards, three touchdowns
Analysis: It's hard to imagine a player having a better, and in this case more surprising, opening start than the now 'record-setting' Bradford. I mused to a friend that 'Slingin' Sammy' had officially stepped back into the building. Of course, people are getting ahead of themselves and I'm probably no different but there is no denying that Bradford did much more than most thought he would as a 'caretaker' quarterback. If he is even held in even 85-percent of the regard that he is

2. Curtis Lofton, Linebacker - Stats: 11 tackles, one tackle for loss (four yards)
Analysis: I said in my top 20 predictions that Ryan Reynolds would be emerging as the next great Sooner linebacker but after watching the game on Saturday night I think I may have been wrong about who would be the next great one. Lofton is the first linebacker I've seen in the last few years who would fit amongst the great linebacker groups at Oklahoma from 2000-2003. He was a part of nearly every play defensively and rather than some of the reading and reacting play that had been around the past few years, Lofton looked to be playing with his 'hair on fire'.

3. Malcolm Kelly, Wide Receiver - Stats: Four catches, 118 yards, two touchdowns
Analysis: While 'Machine Gun' Kelly took a lot of shots, Malcolm Kelly is responsible for taking the Sooners big shots. Early on after Bradford had established himself as the right choice for the game, the one throw he had left to complete was a deep ball. Not surprisingly it was Kelly who remedied the problem catching a 65-yard touchdown getting behind the Mean Green secondary and out running the final defender to the end zone. With things looking to be falling into place for Kelly, he could be in line to break the marks of former Sooner big play man Mark Clayton.

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