August 30, 2007

Todd Wright: 'Everybody had really good summers'

The Texas Longhorn basketball program features one of the best strength and conditioning coaches in the game in Todd Wright. Wright is a key member of the staff year around, but especially in the off-season and summer as he has the task of putting the players is the best position to stay healthy and succeed during the course of a grueling season. Wright sat down with on Wednesday to talk about the progress made over the summer.

In part one of a two part interview, Wright talks about the summer, individual players and emerging leadership.

What type of summer did the team have?

Our guys (past players) that came back really made a difference. We had T.J. here for the first summer session. We had Royal, LaMarcus was in and there was a stretch where Kevin came back. We had guys like Brian Boddicker, Will Clay, Darren Kelly and Kenton Paulino, so those guys were actually training in the weight room on top of playing with guys every day and I thought it made it really competitive. I thought having the older guys here to give the younger guys advice made a huge difference. I thought the focus that went into out training because of the older guys was unbelievable. I felt like the energy was great because of the older guys coming back and teaching.

With that being said, everybody had really good summers. Justin Mason had an incredible summer. He had a great, great summer. D.J. Augustin got much, much stronger and will be able to play much deeper into games this year. At the end of the year, they will be much stronger. Dexter (Pittman) has a great summer. Dexter has really improved and you'll love watching him.

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