August 22, 2007

Up close with freshman kicker Adi Kunalic

Over the course of fall camp, will go up close with each of the newcomers in Nebraska's class of 2007.

Today we caught up with kicker Adi Kunalic to get his early thoughts and perspectives on fall camp. Originally from Bosnia, Kunalic talked about what life was like moving to the United States and now being in Lincoln for his first college practices over the last few weeks.

What is your longest field goal?

"My longest field goal was in a game my junior year which was a 57-yarder. But, I'm comfortable going back farther if it's needed or whatever. I'm comfortable going back to kicking 60 to 65 yard field goals. That's probably as far as I want to go back. But, my kickoffs, most of them are in the endzone unless they want me to do some special thing."

Are you going to win the job?

"Am I going to win the job? It's hard to tell right now. Me and Alex are doing pretty good right now. It's up for grabs for anyone. I'm just trying to see who's the best and who plays best for the team. "

How has it been kicking without a tee?

"Oh it's been fine. I started doing it in my junior year; in all my competitions I did before I even started getting offers, were all off the ground, so I've been used to it for a while."

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