August 17, 2007

Lights on Broadway?

Sports history is littered with backups who fill in for the starter - and never give the job up.

Probably the most famous is when Wally Pipp was benched and Lou Gehrig filled in - never giving the job back. A more recent example is when Trent Green of the St. Louis Rams suffered a season-ending injury and a former grocery store stocker and arena league player by the name of Kurt Warner came in, eventually winning a Super Bowl, and eventually sending Green to Kansas City.

Even at Oklahoma State, Josh Fields didn't take control at quarterback until nagging injuries to Aso Pogi created some separation. Then came the end of Bedlam 2001 and… well, you know the rest.

And this season, an injury at wide receiver leaves open a spot for someone to step up and make a name for themselves. Since Artrell Woods was assumed to be the No. 2 wideout behind Adarius Bowman, his back injury earlier this summer created a vacuum to be filled by someone else.

And while there are some interesting options who just arrived on campus, there's someone who has been around a couple of seasons who wants to move up and put his name up in lights: Jeremy Broadway.

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