August 16, 2007

Up close with freshman defensive tackle Terrence Moore

Over the course of fall camp, will go up close with each of the newcomers in Nebraska's class of 2007.

Today we caught up with former three-star defensive tackle prospect Terrence Moore to get his early thoughts and perspectives on fall camp. Moore came into camp weighing just over 270 pounds, but he hopes to get over 290 in the future.

What's been the biggest adjustment for you so far?

"Just the whole thing of coming from high school to college with training camp. Training camp in high school is only about four days. You had two-a-days every day, but still it was easier than this. Your body can really feel it after going for three weeks like this. Plus learning all the plays on top of that can be really tough. Just being a freshman again is tough. Coming from being an all-star in high school to being almost nothing again is tough."

What do you weigh now and where do you hope to be someday?

"I was 271 when I weighed in this morning, and they told me they want to be at 295 someday."

Do you think you'll redshirt or is it hard to say?

"It's hard to say at this point because I have no idea. I probably won't know until the middle of the season. I couldn't give you a definite answer."

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