August 11, 2007

Reynolds is racing back to the field

During fall practices, we can no longer watch the day-to-day progress of players who are recovering from injuries. The most optimistic reports said that Ryan Reynolds wouldn't be back to full strength until the beginning of the season.

And he likely wouldn't be back to his old self until a few games into the season.

That's why it was almost shocking to watch Reynolds run around the field with reckless abandon on Saturday afternoon.

His six tackles was fourth best on the day for the defense. Pretty good for a guy who isn't 100 percent healthy.

"I've been extremely pleased. Listen, we're so much better with him then when he's not in there," said Brent Venables. "He's always in great position. He's not going to beat a lot of guys in a footrace and he comes out of the locker room and looks good, but there are other guys that look a little bit better.

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