August 10, 2007

Defense adjusting to new look

The winds of change blew through the Kansas State defense this offseason, bringing with them a new defensive coordinator and a new scheme that will give the Wildcats a new look during the 2007 season.

Tim Tibesar has implemented his 3-4 style of defense in his first few months as defensive coordinator, and while K-State certainly has its share of unanswered questions on the offensive side of the ball, the team's success will also depend heavily on the defense's ability to adjust to the new scheme.

While Tibesar is quick to admit that the new defense will bring its share of personnel and rotation changes, he insists it won't radically alter the type of players the program recruits.

"It certainly does change a few things, but the biggest thing we're obviously looking for are guys who can make plays," he said. "That doesn't change whatever your scheme is."

Since its institution in 2006, the Ron Prince regime has remained intensely focused on speed. However, the significance of said speed on the defensive side of the ball will likely be amplified this season, as the 3-4 defense places an increased importance on quickness.

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