August 9, 2007

PRACTICE NOTEBOOK: Devils battle heat

Temperatures nearly reached triple digits at Duke's Thursday morning practice, but the Blue Devils toughed it out and put together a productive fourth day. Between periods, the players switched to the shady side of the field in an attempt to cool off, while between rotations during 7-on-7 drills they sat in front of large industrial fans requested by the coaching staff.

While all these cooling methods helped, it was evident players aren't used to playing in this type of heat. Despite the heat, head coach Ted Roof said the show had to go on .

"We are taking some extra breaks, obviously and we are taking some precautions to make sure that we are staying hydrated," Roof said. "We've got to get our work done because if it's hot like this they're not going to cancel the game. So, we've got to learn to block all that stuff out and focus on doing our job and setting the bar where there's great effort regardless of the circumstances."

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