July 30, 2007

Leander safety solid with commitment

With the first day of August right around the corner, it can mean only one thing. Texas high school football is close to starting back up and athletes from all across the state are dusting off their cleats and getting ready for the many hours that they are going to put in when two-a-days begin.

Some schools, such as Blake Gideon's home Leander, have already started the process and are currently holding a pre-two-a-day boot camp. Gideon says that the boot camp is a good way to quickly "whip" everyone into shape and get them ready for grueling hours they will soon be spending in the sun.

The Leander safety hardly needs to be "whipped" though, as he has been working out extremely hard all summer in preparation for the upcoming season. Despite all of this hard work though, he was forced to sit out of the Texas camp due to some family obligations.

"We were actually coming back from vacation and I spoke with Coach (Mack) Brown and Coach (Greg) Davis and they told me that it was fine to just watch the camp and that they didn't want me to rush back," Gideon said. "It was great though. I just got to hang out with and talk to all of my future teammates."

In addition to talking to his fellow commitments he also had the chance to watch many of them work out and while they were all impressive, one player grabbed his attention just a bit more than the rest.

"There were a lot of players that really stood out to me, especially Aaron Williams," said the Leander safety. "That guy is an athlete."

According to Gideon, there are still a handful of schools trying to get in his ear and persuade him to rethink his early commitment to Texas, but the soon-to-be senior doesn't pay it much attention.

"When I get mail or contacted by a school it's a 'thanks but no thanks' deal," Gideon said. "I was sure of myself whenever I committed and I let it be known that Texas was where I was going to be. I'm not going anywhere else."

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