July 28, 2007

25 Tigers to watch: #7 Jeff Wolfert

The Missouri Tigers open camp on August 4th, which is now just a week away. Over these 25 days, PowerMizzou.com is counting down the 25 players on the roster who will be most influential in determining just how good the Tigers are this season. To be clear, this is not a list of the 25 best players on the roster. It is not a list of the players that will have the biggest seasons or put up the best numbers. In reverse order, we are counting down the 25 players who we think could have the most influence on the outcome of the 12 games on Missouri's 2007 schedule.

7. Jeff Wolfert

Why he's on the list: Many players on our list have been placed lower than they perhaps should have because of the expectations on them. Wolfert is this high due precisely to the expectations he carries into the season. Kickers generally get noticed only if they play poorly. If they do their jobs, few people mention the kicker. Not many would have mentioned Wolfert at all last year if not for his nearly unbelievable story. Last year was simply amazing, but this year may be tougher for Wolfert. First of all, that's a heck of a debut to have to follow. Second, he has to prove it wasn't a fluke. When you start competing for championships, which is the Tigers' goal this year, at least a game or two is bound to come down to a kick.

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