July 19, 2007

Summer hoops more than just pick-up games

On Tuesday night, Tulsa's men's basketball team literally got a leg up on the coming season. Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coordinator Paul Arndorfer sent thirteen players through what amounted to at least a full game of running. The Eastern Michigan graduate is responsible for men's basketball, volleyball, women's soccer, and rowing. He worked with two all-conference performers -- guard Rod Earls and volleyball player Julia Silva.

Space utilization was critical. Distance work was done baseline to baseline. Speed work was done sideline to sideline. As the workout wore on, the difference between speed work and distance blurred considerably. Really, there isn't any way to dress this up. It was indoor gassers, wall-to-wall. But I was able to make a few observations.

Calvin Walls was either first or very close in all the bursts of energy. The senior may have made his best statement about his own attitude towards the coming season with that performance.

Jerome Jordan and Steve Idlet were a step or two slower than Walls.

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