July 2, 2007

Progress apparent during summer pick-up games

Tulsa players continued to play the gym rat role last week, as their coaches were out on the evaluation trail. Informal pick-up games continued last week at the Reynolds Center in front of a throng that numbered exactly one. The cleaning crew shows up later in the evening. Here is a short list of the high points from Thursday night's action.

Ray Reese - In our recent interview with Doug Wojcik, the coach pointed out that "Yes, Ray has got to continue to improve on some perimeter things." Thursday night, Wojcik began to get his wish. Reese, playing sometimes in the area of the four position and sometimes out on the floor, hit two three pointers. The junior also seems more aggressive than last summer. On Thursday night, his defense on the perimeter also was effective. Good positioning frequently caused a lateral pass, and Reese did not allow a drive all the way to the rim.

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