May 8, 2007

It's spring and hope is eternal

On balance this past spring camp was the best session that UCLA has had in sometime. The pace was good and the players worked hard. There were several position changes and for the most part it appears that the changes have had a positive affect on the players and the team.

Every spring hope is eternal. Here we are on May 8th and there are actual fans in Chicago who think the Cubs have a chance to be in the World Series. There is always hope in spring.

That is why staying on an even keel is always a good bet, but like Cubs fans who long for a return to the fall classic, after being at Spring ball and attending every practice it is hard not to be excited about this team.

Each spring there was one side of the ball that was playing at a much higher level than the other.

Three seasons ago it was apparent the defense didn't have the horses up front to be effective against the running game. There is a springtime football axiom that defense is always ahead in the early month of the year.

It is never a good sign when an offensive line that was decimated by injuries and was running a lot of walk-ons on the offensive line. You didn't have to be the Amazing Kreskin to predict that the defensive line was going to be outmanned.

The offense under new offensive coordinator that year Tom Cable was able to move the ball and score enough points to keep UCLA in most of their games and that has been UCLA's story for quite some time.

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