April 26, 2007

Ward was the top Dawg in Athens

The top running back at the Athens NIKE Camp was Georgia commitment Martin Ward. Ward showed vision, cut back ability, good quickness, and great hands during the camp over the weekend and walked away with the top running back award.

"It felt good to win the top running back award," Ward said. "It was kind of surreal getting that award. It felt real good to hear my name. They put me up there pretty high and that felt good. I think I did good out there, but I need to work on my endurance. I felt a little out of shape, but I pushed through."

Why does Ward think he was named the top back in Athens?

"I think I showed some leadership, good hands, and some good vision. I dropped one ball, but I think I did real well the rest of the time. I showed them I was easy to coach too, so I hope coaches recognized that."

Ward was the first back called out to represent the running backs when the one on one session began and he felt he let the NIKE staff down.

"The first time the coach put me out there as his top guy and I ran a good route, but I dropped the ball at the last second," he said. "He put me out there and I let him down, so I had to make up for that. I think I was strong the rest of the way. I ran good routes, made the linebackers miss, and caught all the passes."

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