April 24, 2007

Young steps up leadership role

Heading into the 2007 season as a fifth year senior, running back Albert Young is clearly one of the leaders on the Hawkeye football team. Young, who rushed for 779 yards during an injury plagued junior year, talks about stepping up his leadership, working in a new starting quarterback, the progress of the young offensive line, and much more.

Q: Are you focusing on taking more of a leadership role this year?

YOUNG: Oh yeah, definitely. There's more awareness just being a senior alone and just having that seniority, that's a responsibility that's on your shoulders whether you want to or not. I definitely embrace the role and I've definitely made an effort to make sure I put a good effort forth on everything.

Q: Coming in with a young quarterback, does that put more on you and Damian's shoulders do you think?

YOUNG: It puts more on everybody's shoulders. This is a team effort and it goes both ways. We're going to need the quarterback just as much as he's going to rely on us. We're confident in whoever it is and right now, Jake has definitely grown this spring, but we're confident whoever it is will get the job done. That's something that us backs we expect that anyway. We expect to have the load anyway.

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