April 17, 2007

Watts knows scrimmage is for fans

Marcus Watts is about to play in his final Spring Game. It's been a long time coming for the senior from Hays, who is looking forward to the start of his last season at Kansas State and finishing his career with a bang. In this Q&A Watts talks about Saturday's Spring Game, who he would take first in the program's upcoming draft for the contest and a number of other issues as the Wildcats wrap up spring football.

Who would be your first overall pick in the Spring Game draft?
"It'd have to be Josh (Freeman). You have to go with the most experienced quarterback, the one that's got all the tools and such, so I'd probably go with him."

You've got to work some against both Josh and Carson Coffman; how big is the difference between those two right now?
"It's probably a tremendous gap right now just because Carson is learning. Josh knows what he's doing and is comfortable. Carson is still a little bit shaky, but he's got more comfortable and has improved a lot from the first practice till now. I do believe that he could get the job done if he had to go into the game."

Does the draft make this game more fun?
"It makes it more competitive, so that makes it a little more fun."

If Freeman is the No. 1 pick, who is the first defensive player you'd pick? It's got to be somebody other than you…
"I'd probably go with either an inside linebacker or defensive lineman."

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