April 6, 2007

Plenty to work on in spring

Spring football may be in the air even if Mother Nature is not cooperating in kind. The Buckeyes took the field at the Horseshoe under gray skies and a light snow for the first scrimmage of spring practice and once it was all said and done the offense prevailed and picked up the coveted scarlet jerseys, even if only for a week until the next jersey scrimmage takes place. All things considered the coaching staff took a lot of positives out of today's work.

"I was proud of the kids the way they went out there," Jim Tressel said. "It wasn't the greatest conditions and we've been kind of tricked with our first five days of practice that were so beautifully warm and all that. I think they went out and competed and have a lot of good film. We probably ran close 120 plays and put guys in situations that were difficult situations."

The team is now seven practices into the allotted 15 from the NCAA and will have the long weekend off for the holiday but the coaching staff will burn the midnight oil tonight going over the tapes and looking for lessons to teach once the team reconvenes for practice No. 8 on Tuesday. Even without seeing the films Tressel saw players looking good and places where more work would be needed.

"The offense won the jerseys but there were some things that they didn't have to put up with like a 25-second clock and some things and got the ball in some good field position," Tressel said. "We worked a lot in the red zone. "

The defense was down about coming up on the short side but admitted that the unit had many opportunities that they were not able to capitalize on.

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