March 31, 2007

Reggie Dixon is a Scarlet Knight

They give you two chances to run your 40 yard dash at the Chuck Mound Challenge. That is, unless the combine director has to stop the entire event and make sure his stopwatch is working. In those rare instances, you get a third.

Hoots and hollers were mixed with dumbfounded stares as Reggie Dixon crossed the finish line and combine officials called out 3.97. Something had to be wrong. So, with only one way to prove that the time was a fluke, the Plainfield senior stepped up to the line to give it another shot. Another run, another amazing time: 4.1.

4.4 is blazing. 4.3 is almost unheard of. But 4.1? Who would believe them? So, with the crowd gathered around, with multiple stopwatches aimed at the finish line, Reggie Dixon once again raced across the field: 4.25. Three races in a row, three finishes that will be talked about for years.

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