March 26, 2007

Offer from UT puts local star on the map

There aren't many targets left on the recruiting board for the Texas Longhorns in the Class of 2008, but one player that has recently emerged as a strong candidate to eventually become a Longhorn is Leander, Texas safety Blake Gideon. publisher Geoff Ketchum went by Leander this weekend to get an exclusive one-on-one interview with the emerging safety prospect. Here's a look at our Q&A.

Q: I was able to talk with your dad the other day about some of the things going on in your recruitment, but what do you think about everything thus far? It seems like everything is starting to move very quickly. Are you surprised that we're in the month of March and even sitting down to discuss your recruitment?

A: I'm very surprised. It picked up in a hurry and now it seems like it wasn't that long ago we were walking off the field in Waco after having gotten beat by Garland. I know it got here quick. It's a real fast-moving process right now.

Q: What were your expectations of the recruiting process coming in? Everything is happening so much earlier than it used to.

A: Like I said, it's moving a lot faster these days than it has been. It did kind of catch me by surprise. I kind of figured the interest that I would receive if I did get some would come later on during my senior year, so this has all been a surprise to me.

Q: Tell me about the schools that you are looking at, the trips you've made and the impressions you have right now based on what you've seen.

A: I'm looking at Texas, Rice, Oklahoma and Texas A&M. Those are the main four that have shown interest in me so far. I've been on visits to all four of those (schools) and I like everything that I've seen. I'm just kind of taking it in.

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